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Admin QuickView is a gives you a quick hierarchical snapshot of all active Business Units, Teams, Security Roles and Users in your Dynamics CRM Organization.

This solution basically displays a button in the Command Bar when you navigate to Settings > Administration of Dynamics CRM. Clicking it will bring up a page which displays the Business Units, and its Security Roles, Teams and Users in a tree view. Other features of this solution are:
  • Ability to collapse/expand the records displayed in the page. Initially everything is collapsed.
  • Only active records are displayed.
  • Total count of each record type is displayed.
  • Tool-tip showing information like created date and email for each record (if applicable).
  • Link to each record, so you can open it directly from the page.
  • Create new records for Business Units, Security Roles, Teams and Users directly from the page.
  • Records displayed based on current user’s permission/privilege. This means if a user doesn't have access to a particular entity, records won’t be shown. This also applies for creation of records, where buttons won’t appear if the user doesn't have rights.
  • Hot-key support for functionality like expand all, collapse all, refresh, etc. The Hot keys are available in the Help link. But I’ll still list them down for you here
    • X – Expand All
    • C – Collapse All
    • R – Refresh
    • B – New Business Unit
    • S – New Security Role
    • U – New User
    • T – New Team
    • H – Help


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